Monday, May 18, 2015

Lets see what you guys think

This is the beginning of a short story I have been working on for the past few months. It is not Edited at all and was written on my iPod so the spelling and grammar errors are horrendous. I have not decided on a name for this story yet.

Monday morning unfolded with mom barging into the room sounding like a nuke going off. The babies were crying, the little ones were yelling, and the house was as loud as a tornado siren. The lights were flipped on unceremoniously as my twin five year old siblings came running in and jumped on the bed. I pulled the pillow over my head and roared like a lion as I flipped the twin devils off of me and onto the floor before diving out of bed and tickling them as punishment for jumping on my bed yet again. As the twin devils laughed and screamed for me to stop I glanced up, seeing for the first time this morning my dad standing in the doorway still tubing the sleep from his eyes. He can sleep like a log sometimes but with all the noise in the house he was awake. All he did was smile sleepily at me before trudging off in the direction of the kitchen most likely on the hunt for coffee.
Oh yeah I just remembered that you don't know who I am! Let me start this again. Hi my name is Payton and I am 17 years old a senior in high school. Today's the first day at a new school my dad got transferred to a new location so my family witch is me (I'm the oldest)  then there's my 13 year old brother David he's going into 7th grade, then there's my other brother who's only 15 weeks younger then David his name is Allen he's adopted he's also going into 7th grade, then we also adopted Allen's little sister Leia she's 10 and going into 4th grade, then we have the twin devils Richard and Wesley who are in kindergarten, and then we just adopted triplets who are Allie, Sadie, and Maggie there only 10 months old, had to move 3 states away from all of our friends but we will do anything for our family. Luckily we moved during the summer so I at least have some time to find some friends. I shooed the twins out of my room and went into my walk in closet and pulled on my work out clothes before heading down into the kitchen and saying "Hey mom dad I'm going to go for a run." My mom said "ok sweetheart make sure you have phone and ID just in case!" I said "yeah I have it bye"! Then jogged out the front door and onto the road. I love to run it is one of my stress revelers. All of the sudden I'm on the ground looking up into the face of my brother David he said "Payton I called your name over 50 times I want to come with you!" I chuckled and said "fine then little bro get off me and we will start off." He jumped off my and held out his hand to help me up then said " let's go!" I nodded and we took off running side by side down the side of the road. I glanced over at him to see his eyes turning slightly black. I reached out and grabbed his arm he stopped and said "what!" I could tell that he was getting upset I said "David! It's time we have to get to some woods fast!" He gasped and grabbed my hand we turned and ran back to the house we burst through the door and made Allen who was sitting on the couch jump. I said "where's mom and dad?" He said "they said something about errands and left a few minutes after you did." I turned to David and said "go get in my car I will be there in a second." He nodded and hurried to my room to grab my car keys I pulled out my phone and called my moms cell. She didn't answer so I left a message "Mom it's time I'm taking David to the woods we don't have much time left I will see you when we get back." Then hung up before hurrying to my car I grabbed the emergency bag from the back of my closet that had spare cloths for both me and David and ran down the stairs and out the front door after telling Allen to keep an eye on Leia. I ran to the car dived into the open door pulled it shut and started the car. David said "Payton he wants out now! Hurry I'm trying to hold him back" pulling out of the driveway I sped in the direction of the cabin. I reached over and placed my hand on David's head and thought calm down buddy you can come out soon just wait till we are somewhere safe!" I heard thoughts in my head "my names not buddy it's Jack and fine just hurry I have been cooped up in this body for 13 years and I want out!" I thought "fine Jack just wait till we get somewhere safe. Please!" Then removed my hand from his head. David said "Payton what did you say to him my head isn't hurting anymore."I said "I just asked him nicely to wait till we were somewhere safe." Right then my cell phone started ringing and I pulled it out and answered "hello?" I heard my mom's voice on the other end say "Payton where are you?" I said "um somewhere in the woods." My dad's voice came next and said "Payton I need you to stay calm and just try to help him ok." I said "ok dad I gotta go ok we have to get him done as soon as we can." My dad said "ok baby girl I love you." I said "love you to dad" then the line went dead and I pulled off the road and into the trees hiding the car before shutting the car off. I got out of the car and right before the door shut I heard David scream I used my werewolf speed and ran around to the passenger side of the car and pulled the door open I then used my wolf strength and picked David up into my arms and ran deeper into the woods till I found a clearing.   Setting him down I said "David let him go." I watched as his eyes turned black and then I heard the snaps of his bones and shifted into my own wolf and started licking his face and neck then I heard the snap of a tree branch behind me and flipped around only to here my dad's voice in my head say "It's just me Payton." I turned back around and kept licking David's face my dad came up and licked my neck then nuzzled neck then he screamed in pain and it heard the snapping of his bones then he stood up in wolf form I barked at him and thought "can you hear me David?" I heard "yeah I can." I thought "good you feeling ok?" He answered "yeah" I mind linked my dad and said "I will be back going to go grab the spare cloths." He nodded at me and said "be carful I ran into humans on my way here." I nodded and ran off in the direction of the car. When I got to the car I got as close to it as I could shifted back into human form and opened the car door grabbed the bag then closed the door again I shifted back into my wolf who is gray and white and picked the bag back up in my mouth and ran back to the clearing I stepped back into the clearing and dropped the bag behind a tree and shifted putting on the cloths for me and stepped out and said "here and dropped the bag my dad mind linked me and said "I didn't bring any spare cloths so I'm going to head I said "no I can drive you just stay in wolf form you can ride in the back." He nodded and I said "David just think about being human again and you will change back" he nodded and I watched as he changed and grabbed the basketball shorts from the bag and slipped them on I hugged him and said "you did really good bro." He hugged me back then let dad like his cheek and together we walked back to the car I said "David your going to sit in the back seat with dad so that if we need to hide him we can put him in the trunk ok?" He nodded and opened the back door letting dad jump in before sliding in next to him. I climbed into the drivers seat and started the car driving out onto the road and heading home. About halfway home I saw a cop pull out behind us and said "David let dad into the trunk ok." He nodded and opened the back seat and dad went in David closed the door and I saw the lights flash on the cop car and so I pulled over and waited when the cop walked up I rolled down the window and said "can I help you?" He said "License and registration please I handed them to him then he said something that surprised me "I know what you are." I said "were just passing through sir." He sniffed the air and said "I also know that there is one more of you hiding in the trunk." I said "my father sir  my brother here just shifted and my dad forgot to being spare cloths so to be safe we hid him in the trunk." The cop said "let him out" I looked back at David who did as told and opened the door in the seat so my dad could come out. My dad mind linked me and said "Payton that is the beta of the whither moon pack the second strongest pack int the country!" I gasped and said "oh my gosh I am so sorry sir I didn't  realize you were a beta." He smiled softly at me and said "that's totally alright where you headed?" I said "Kenton sir." He said "oh your still in our pack boundaries." My dad barked and mind linked me saying "tell him we talked to the alpha earlier." I said "my dad just told me that my parents talked to the alpha earlier this morning."  The beta's face broke into a smile and he said "Oh I remember now I was there your good to go."  I nodded and said "ok it really good to meet you beta." Then rolled up the window and put the car back in drive. David said "what does beta mean?" I said "the beta is the second in command in a pack he takes charge if something happens to the alpha or if the alpha has to go somewhere." He nodded as dad laid his head in David's lap. David started mindlessly stroking dad's head then I heard "Oh oh oh scratch the ear the freaking ear!" In my head I said "David did you hear that?" He said "no hear what?" I chuckled and said "dad wants you to scratch his ear." David smiled as dad barked signaling that was true while mind linking me "he has his wall up still in human form so he can't hear me only you can." I chuckled softly as I said "David were coming I to town let dad back into the trunk." David nodded before opening the door and letting dad go in before closing it.  I pulled into the driveway and mind linked mom "were home bring out some extra cloths for dad he forgot again." I heard a laugh in my head then "ok sweetie let him out of the trunk and I will be there with a robe for him to wear." I said "David let him out then were going to get out and head in side." David nodded and let dad from the trunk and then got out and headed in side I said "mom's on her way out just stay down ok dad." He leaned forward and licked my neck once before laying down on the back seat. I opened the door sliding out and closing the door. Walking up to the front door it opened right as I reached out to grab the handle. I laughed as I saw my mom she said "could you go take the twins down to the park to let some energy out?" I said "I guess" as I stepped in the house and called "Richard, Wesley come here for a moment!" I heard to "Ok's" from different sides of the house. Once they both got here I said "come on guys were going to the park lets go!" They gasped and ran out the door I yelled "wait for me boys or I'm not going to take you!" And then heard my mom say " Richard, Wesley you go sit on the front steps and wait for your sister or your going to be not very happy campers." I chuckled and walked up the stairs and into my room I changed into a pair of jean shorts and a tee-shirt the color of my wolfs fur a light gray with darker and lighter patches. Then a pair of flip flops and just in case grabbed a bag and suck some basket ball shorts and sports bra to put on if needed. I was walking out of my room when David came out of his dressed in basket ball shorts and a white tee-shirt. He looked at the bag I was carrying and asked "where are you going?" I said "mom asked me to take the twins to the park so I brought spare cloths in case." He nodded and said "ok see you." I chuckled and mused with his hair while my hand was on his head I thought "you need to learn to put your wall down so we can talk to you about wolf stuff with out anyone else hearing." He gasped the I felt the wall fall and removed my hand from his head and gave he a smile and whispered you'll get used to it little bro." Then turned and walked down the stairs and out on to the front porch and said "let's go guys!" The twins jumped up and started running in the opposite direction to the park I used my wolf speed and caught up with them wrapping my arms around there middles and stopping. They groaned I said "hey you guys wanted to goto the park right?" They both said "Yes!" I chuckled kissed the top of their heads before saying well you would get there faster if you were going in the right direction." Before turning around and letting them go. They took off running in the right direction I heard "laugher from inside my head and just thought "yup!" And started to jog after the twins. I was about 20 yards behind them when I saw a creepy man reach out from an alley they were walking past and pull Wesley into the alley I heard the scream then used my wolf speed and got to the alley and said "let go of my brother you freak!" I felt Richard cower behind my legs he was holding onto me so I thought "take the bag." To him he reached up and took the bag from my hand I said "you have one more chance to give me back my younger brother or I will hurt you." The guy cackled "do your best girly" as 5 other men stepped out from the shadows. I could tell that they were all human and said "you give me my little brother and I won't kill you." The guy said "like you can kill eleven grown men on your own." Oh he was so going to get it now I could feel my wolf Lizzie pushing herself out witch meant my eyes were changing from their normal sky blue to a pricing gold.  I said "you have one more chance give me back my brother and no one gets hurt!" The guy just chuckled and the pushed me over the edge Lizzie was fully in control and I just let go shifting into my wolf glad that I was wearing this shirt because it is the only thing that doesn't get destroyed when shifting. The guy jumped and back as I dove at him I heard a growl behind me so I turned the wolf who was there barked and I felt the power behind the sound and because Lizzie bowed down. I took power and moved forward and nuzzled Richard so he could hear my mind link I thought "hand me the basket ball shorts from my bag." He nodded and dug into the back and pulled out the shorts and held them out to my I licked his cheek once before grabbing the shorts in my mouth before walking deeper into the alleyway and shifting and pulling on the basket ball shorts and walking back out to see that the wolf had shifted and it was the beta. I bowed my head and said "Beta." He said "what were you doing?" I said "I was taking my little brothers to the park and they had run ahead of me and I watched as that man pulled one into the ally I came in and tried to reason but he wasn't hearing it and my wolf took over." I felt two pairs of arms wrap around my legs and I looked down and saw both of my little brothers holding to my legs I crouched down and picked them both up. I said "beta these men are sick people and deserve to be hurt. I couldn't control her my wolf is very protective of all 8 of my younger siblings!" He smiled softly and said "it's ok Payton it ok how about you run along and I will take care of these guys." I nodded and walked out of the alley and said "you guys still want to goto the park?" They both nodded so I set them down and said "one condition I will continue to take you to the park but you have to hold onto my hands the whole time." They both gripped on to my hands and we continued walking. I heard my dad's voice in my head saying "Payton where are you?" I stopped and said "we got hold up on the way to the park some guy pulled Wesley into an alley. Lizzie took over and then the beta took over why?" My dad said "Payton use your speed and strength to get the boys home now the Alpha and and Beta are on there way over right now!" I gasped and said "ok be there soon." I crouched down and whispered "sorry boys we have to get home you know the drill." They both wrapped there arms around my neck and legs around my waist then I wrapped my arms around there backs and started running back in the direction
 that we had come. All of the sudden David thought "set one down I'll take him." I slowed set Richard down as David slowed up next to me and pick him up then we both took off running again. We got to the house as a car was pulling into the driveway we went around and  vaulted over the fence and went I to the back door my mom was standing in the kitchen and said "there here Payton go change into something different and check to make sure Allen and Leia are doing ok I sent them up there a while ago they were sick." I said "but mom there here and you want me to play nurse!" "Just do it!" She said sternly right as the door bell rang. I sped up the stairs and changed out of the basketball shorts and put jean shorts to replace them. Then went into Allen's room to see him fast asleep with Leia cuddled I to his side. I smiled and went over and kissed there foreheads then left closing the door behind me. Right when I was about to go back down the stairs I heard one of the triplets cry so to keep from waking up Allen or Leia I hurried down the hall into there bedroom I found Allie standing up in her crib. I walked over to her and said "what's wrong sweetie as I picked her up. Then I smelt it she had a stinky dipper carrying her over to the changing table I lay her down and pulled down her pants and changed her dipper I heard my dad's voice say "Payton where are you" I called back "triplets room." My dad walked into the room took a breath in and gagged as he said "Wow they stink." I turned around from the dressing table and said "here while tossing him a cloths pin like the one I had placed over my nose it had a plastic sleeve that went down and covered our nose. He nodded thankfully and walked over to pick up Maggie who was now awake I finished with Allie's dipper and switched my dad for Maggie and changed her dipper as my dad picked up Sadie then we switched again and I changed her dipper as well then put them in the pin and picked up Sadie and walked her back to her crib and lay her down and kissed her forehead before taking the clothespin off my nose and putting it back where they belong on the changing table. We walked back down the stairs and into the living room. The beta locked eyes with me and smiled I bowed slightly to him then sat down next to my mom who said "what took you so long? I said "the triplets needed a dipper change." She nodded and turned back to the alpha and beta. I did the same right as the alpha spoke "so you want to join our pack?" My dad looked him in the eye and said "yes alpha kent." Alpha kent said "and what is this about you having five adopted non wolf kids?" My dad said "I was the only wolf in my family both my parents and all 7 of my brothers and sisters were normal humans a few years ago my parents passed away and had put in there will what the kids were to take a cruise I was beta of the pack I had come from so I just ignored the pleas of my brothers and sisters and stayed home the day they were to be coming back their ship malfunctioned and they were killed. They all had kids who had stayed in one house with a nanny when I came to find out I went to the house and broke the news. We took them to the police station and told them what happened I would have taken all of them but the officer wouldn't let me so we split them up by family and sent them away only two of them stayed here. Then 10 months ago one of the woman in the old pack was a nurse at the local hospital a women came in had triplets and just left them there she called me knowing that I was licensed to adopt kids and asked if I would take them now they are mine." The alpha smiled glanced over at his beta. I heard someone start to come row the stairs and stood making my way out of the living room and into the kitchen  where the stairs start. I glanced up and saw Leia slowly walking down the stairs I said "Hey sweetie what do you need?" Leia looked up at me and whispered "I don't feel very good." I walked up the stairs toward her and said "what's wrong?" She lay her hand on her stomach as she said "my everything." I bent down and picked her up before mind linking my mom "Leia is really sick what should I do?" My moms reply came back right away "what kind of sick?" I thought "I have no idea she just says everything doesn't feel right." I heard a gasp from behind Allen's bedroom door so I pushed it open with my foot and saw him sitting up in bed looking all around I said "if your looking for Leia I have her." He looked over at me and jumped to his feet only to fall to the ground and pass out. Leia had passed out about 30 seconds after I picked her up. I didn't even bother with mind linking I just yelled "Mom dad! Something is wrong with Allen and Leia!" I heard feet coming up the stairs and soon David, the Alpha Kent, Beta (still don't know his name!") and my parents were in the hall the Beta saw me holding Leia and gently lifted her out of my arms as my dad picked up Allen. I heard my mom say "Peyton will you please stay here and watch the triplets and twins?" I nodded as Alpha Kent said "we will take them to the pack hospital they will get look at a lot sooner if we do." Beta and my dad went down the stairs using their wolf speed my mom and Alpha Kent followed behind. I went down the stairs and saw that David had stayed behind after he went down the stairs in wolf speed. I said "hey I'll make you a deal." He said "what kind of deal?" I said "you can either watch the twins or the triplets but if I have to do anything to help you with the one you choose you get to take the twins to the park the next two times mom asks me to." He grumbled under his breath then said "I'll take the triplets at least they will sleep most of the time." I laughed and said "ok let's shake on it!" He stuck out his hand and I gripped it shaking hard. He smiled up at me then said "wait a second where are the twins." I gasped and called "Richard! Wesley! Come in here please?" I got nothing I mind linked my dad saying "the twins aren't here!" He came back with "what are you talking about!" I said "I just called their names and got nothing at all normally you at least get something from them!" My mom jumped in and said "I'll go check in the car they could have snuck in." I thought back I will check the cars hear al well." Then I got my moms laughter as she said "I found them sweetie  you can just stay where you are they found some other pups to play with." I thought back "Ok good to know if you need me to come get them I will." She mind linked "Ok sweetheart." Then put up her wall so I couldn't hear her thoughts anymore. I glanced around and saw that David wasn't in the room any more. I walked up the stairs and down to the door way of the triplets room where I saw him struggling to change Maggie's dipper. I smirked and said "would you like some help with that?" He jumped and turned around saying "I thought you needed to find the twins." I said "mom found them they had snuck into the car and found some pups to play with." He chuckled then said "please I've never had to change a dipper before." I laughed and said "I will do this one for free and teach you how to change a dipper then the next time if I need to help you then the deal gets set into place." He smiled and said "Thanks!" I pushed him aside and stroked Maggie's forehead then said "you know how to remove the dipper then you take the baby wipes and wipe all of the poop and stuff off of the bum.  Then you lift up the legs and slide the soiled dipper out and put the clean dipper down and lay the legs down then bring the dipper up in between the legs and hook it to the one under the legs and pull up the pants and put the baby on the ground or in the crib then you fold the used dipper and all the wipes you used together and throw them away. Now you get to try!" Right as Allie started crying. I laughed and went to the rocking chair as Maggie crawled over to it. I picked her up and lay her in my lap before glancing at the time. Oh they must be hungry I said "I am going to go make a couple of bottles."  David nodded and I stood keeping Maggie on my hip and walking down the stairs and into the kitchen. I heard the door nob on the front door jiggle and mind linked David "come grab Maggie then stay in the triplets room someone is trying to break in." In seconds David was down the stairs and grabbing Maggie from my arms. As soon as I heard the door to the triplets room close I quickly striped off my cloths and shifted into my wolf. Stocking over to the wall right by the door but out of view of the windows as the door opened completely. A teenaged boy stepped into the house he looked to be around 19 years old. He moved away from the room and I stepped behind him and growled. He whipped around letting out a scream.  I  glared up at him then barked swinging my head to look out the door. Then reared up on my hind legs taking a step forward as I mind linked David "come down in wolf form." I heard a bark from upstairs then paws coming down the stairs the guy ran out leaving the door wide open. I walked and used my head to close the door and turned around to see David sitting at the bottom of the stairs I walked over and licked him  before moving I to the kitchen and shifting back to my  human form and getting dressed walking back out into the living room I locked the front door. I felt something rub on my leg and glanced down to see David I mind linked him "what's up?" He came back "I can't get Jack to let me shift again!" I glared down at the wolf and said "Jack you let David go right this instance!" The wolf cowered back the David was stood there he was nude but I had changed his dippers so many time that I didn't care. I gave him a hug then said "go get dressed!" He scampered up the stairs right as the triplets started crying I went and got 3 of the papered bottles walked up the stairs then into the triplets room and handed them each one. They sat and sucked happily I walked over and knocked on David's door he said "come in." I opened the door and smiled at him he said "what do you want?" I said "I was going to say as soon as mom and dad get home we track down the guy that tried to break into the house we both know what he smells like." David jumped up and said "sounds good." Then together we went into the triplets room and each pick up one then I grabbed the last one carrying them down stairs letting them explore the living room we put up baby gates. We sat on the couch and turned on the tv. I got heard mom think "Sweetie could you come pick up the twins your dad and I have to stay over night they have no idea what is wrong with Allen and Leia." I thought back yeah sure where should I come?" As I stood up then mom thought "never mind Beta Dean said he will drive them back." I said "Oh ok." And sat back down. David looked over at me and said "what was that?" I said "mom mind linked me asking me to come get the twins then came back and said that Beta Dean will bring them by on his way to work." He nodded and said "the triplets fell asleep" I glanced down and sure enough they were sound asleep I said "let's get them upstairs before the twins get home." He nodded and picked up one while I grabbed the other two. We walked up the stairs and lay the girls in their cribs then grabbed the baby monitor leaving the room quietly closing the door. I heard a knock on the door and walked down the stairs I heard another knock and went to answer the door Beta Dean and the twins were there. I said "Beta please come on in." He said "oh I'm running late to work somehow these little guys talked me into going and getting them ice cream."  I said "At least step inside as I run get some cash to pay you back if they had wanted ice cream that bad they could have waited and I could have taken them." He said "Ok I guess I can be a few minutes late I could just tell my boss that on my way there saw to little boys wandering the street and offered to take them home, and that is a little bit true." As he stepped over the threshold. I walked out  of the room into the kitchen and grabbed a 15.00$ out of our recreation envelope walking back out I said "How much do I owe you?" He said "oh 10.00$ dollars is enough." I handed him the bill and said "I will see you beta."' He nodded and let me open the door for him I bowed slightly as he walked past me he stopped and turned toward me placed his finger under my chin and lifted it so I was looking into his eyes he kissed my cheek and whispered "There is no need to do that." In my ear. I blushed slightly. He turned and walked out. I closed the door and went to put the twins in bed before joining David on the couch.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

If you really knew me Reveal

If you really knew me you would know that I was Bullied.
If you really knew me you would know that I hide in the Art room during lunch because I only have friends that are Juniors.
IF you really knew me you would know that my Name is Kara
IF you really knew me you would know that I love to write but not when my topics are forced upon me.
IF you really knew me you would know that  I put up with having 2 teachers as parents.
If you really knew me you would know that I spend all of my time locked up in my room on the computer because that is the only place I feel like I can be myself because I can hide behind a Screen name.
IF  you really knew me you would know I love to be outside.
If you really knew me you would know that I am very accident prone.
IF you really knew me you would know that I have to hide my true self because I am afraid.
IF you really knew me you would know that I cant listen to the music that I want to at home because my parents wont like it.

This is me
Kara Stuart A1

Real Talk

You know what? I may be a Crappy writer when I have to write about something that I don't give a crap about. You all might think I am a "Tourist" and I might be but only because I thought this class would be come in and learn how to write short stories. I don't care about blogging or about writing in a Journal. What I thought when I decided to take this class is that it would be a place where I wouldn't be afraid to show some of my short stories that started off and a really wired dream I had that I expanded on. But know that is not what this class was.

I would have liked this class a lot more if it was what I thought it was. To me this class was just one GIANT wast of my time. It was one big journal entry. Nelson have fun but don't expect me to recommend this class to any of my younger friends. I would just like to say that even though my spelling and grammar suck or that you think I shouldn't be writing because of that fact. I will always love to write it one of my hobbies.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Experiment (My Home)

What is this you ask? This is my home. I love being out doors.
My Home Will always be the areas shown above.


My fears. I have many. My main fear Is not Graduating. Right now I am not I have 4 F's and one I not to mention make up credits from years past. My fears are that if I let people know who I am that I will just be bullied more then I already am. People call me a show off because that is who I fake myself to be. My fears?  Yes my fears are holding me back yes I am not confident. I may act like I am but in reality? Yeah NOPE! I don't like putting my self out on the internet in fact I despise the thought of doing a blog. The only reason I am doing it is because without it I wont graduate. I am just going to end this right now because if I don't I won't be able to stop my rant and I know you don't want to read about that.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

My theme songs for the year of 2015

That one thing I Love

Love. That scary feeling of completeness the feeling that can make me be me and you be you. You can only love something if you don't hate it. But that is my feelings on love. Love is different for everyone.